Welcome to the Marie Bossette experience! Marie Bossette is not just a name, it is a journey that we, are going to take together. The journey for me began on February 20, 2017, when this feisty 5’3, 120lbs woman took control of her life. First, sobriety! I would not be here today, writing this bio if I did not stop drinking. I started eating healthy and going to the gym. I decided that drugs and alcohol were never going to enter my body ever again. Making my mind, body, and soul healthy was very important to me and the foundation of the brand I was about to build. Over the next few years, I would endure long tattoo sessions, tattoo removal, and surgery. Modifying my body was an adventure in itself. Removing tattoos that had no real meaning other than picking them off of a piece of Cherry Creek Flash. I turned my body into fine art. Now, every tattoo is me and has a special meaning. All that was left was showing the world the hard work I had put in. I went to the AVN expo, Xbiz, Exxxotica conventions, and many more. Spending my days in high heels and sexy clothes while getting to meet and greet my fans was the best part. Seeing the excitement and joy I brought to them was the validation I needed that I made the right decision to alter myself in so many ways. Being happy with myself inside and out makes it easy to create erotic content for you to enjoy. Keep watching for more tattoos, more surgery, and many more movies. This journey is nowhere near its end! Thank you for traveling with me so far on my trip and I am excited to show you what’s next with the Marie Bossette experience.
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